How to look your best in your wedding photos

Ok, so your engagement session is coming up and you’re freaking out! What do you wear? How do you do your hair? What do you do with your hands? (Notice the same feelings as a first date…) Kim Lyn is one of our fav #bossbabe photographers and she has ALL the tips on how to look your best in your engagement session!

As a photographer, I have met almost every type of couple there is.  I have photographed couples that love the camera, some that hate having their photo taken, some that love to laugh, some that are super shy, and some that have no idea what to do with themselves when the camera comes out.  The best thing I can tell you is to trust your photographer.

When hiring a photographer, look through their entire portfolio.  Take some time to read their “about me” section and ask to see full wedding and engagement session galleries.  Don’t be shy! Chat with them on the phone or meet for coffee. Having a good relationship with your photographer is key to getting good photos. If you already know your photographer, it will be like hanging out with a friend during your session or event. If you trust them and their vision you will be able to relax a little bit more and that will definitely show in photos.  If you hire a photographer who loves to have couples embrace and stare into each other’s eyes but you’re the type of couple that prefers to laugh and don’t really show PDA then it can lead to an awkward session. Research your photographer and be on the same page with them about your style and vision!  


I will say, engagement sessions are a bit tougher on my couples than the actual wedding day.  There are tons of nerves, they aren’t really sure what to do, and it’s a complete hour of photographs focused on just the couple.  My approach to photography is very relaxed, candid, and true to the couple you are. Since I have taken the time to get to know you both, we have talked a bit and the engagement session becomes us hanging out.  I always tell my couples “pretend you are on a date”. Pretty much ignore that I am there. Hold hands, laugh, talk to each other. These photos are always my favorite because if you’re not focused on me and the camera then the reactions are completely natural.  Make a day of it, plan to go out for dinner afterward. If you go into it stressed out and unhappy it will show in your photos. Just breathe and spend time with the love of your life.


Even if you feel like you’re the most awkward person in front of the camera, if you just be yourself, embrace the moment, spend time with the person you love, the photos will show just that.  Don’t be afraid to laugh together, frolic on the beach (yes I told my couple to do this at their wedding and they laughed at me….this was one of their favorite photos), whisper in each other’s ear, just have fun with each other.  Oh and trust your photographer. Be open to their suggestions. Feel free to get adventurous! Most of all have fun! Your photographs should capture the emotion between you. It’s all about you as a couple!



Kim Lyn is a Rhode Island based photographer, wife, mother, and proud business owner. She likes french fries, her hubby, and empowering women to believe in themselves

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