Hi! My name is Julianna. And I’m obsessed with two things, weddings, and Newport.

I’ve been planning weddings since I was 4. The church, the dress, the flowers and food, I’ve got binders and books and the whole affair.

All my planning went to mud as soon as there was a ring on my finger. Suddenly there was a world of possibility and I couldn’t make a decision to save my life. There were so many options and choices and they were all so beautiful and exciting.

The only part of my wedding that really mattered, other than my wonderful groom, was getting married in my favorite place in the world, Newport, Rhode Island. Great great great great….. Grandfather John Cogshall thought Newport was the place to be, and 450 years later, I agree. As a 12th generation honorary Newport-er (I live in Boston currently) this beautiful city by the sea is my heart home and nothing makes me happier being in the city I love with the people I love.

The Newport Bride is my attempt at sharing my two favorite things with the rest of the world. Need wedding inspiration or just like looking through ideas? This is the place to look. Want the inside details on a venue or vendor, shoot me an email or look through the vendor spotlight blog posts. You’ll get the inside details from a bride and planner whose seen it all.

I hope your wedding planning is exciting, enjoyable, and most of all, FUN!

– Julianna, The Newport Bride



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