Eclectic Rooftop Styled Shoot

Edgy, eclectic, and a little bohemian. This Rooftop styled shoot is a modern summer take on bold colors, headpieces, and even leather jackets!
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Kelly and Marvin’s Tropical Wedding at the Providence Botanical Gardens

Kelly and Marvin met in Guatemala. They brought Marvin’s home to Providence by having their wedding at the botanical gardens in Providence. The tropical colors and textures brought a fun fresh vibe to their wedding day. Plus, Their favors were hot sauce from Guatemala, Mexican Horchata was on the drink menu, and Central American candies and snacks filled the cocktail hour!

Kelly and Marvin's Providence Botanical Garden Wedding on The Newport Bride

Kelly and Marvin's Providence Botanical Garden Wedding on The Newport BrideKelly and Marvin's Providence Botanical Garden Wedding on The Newport BrideKelly and Marvin's Providence Botanical Garden Wedding on The Newport BrideKelly and Marvin's Providence Botanical Garden Wedding on The Newport BrideKelly and Marvin's Providence Botanical Garden Wedding on The Newport BrideKelly and Marvin's Providence Botanical Garden Wedding on The Newport BrideKelly and Marvin's Providence Botanical Garden Wedding on The Newport BrideRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding72_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding75_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding78_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding103_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding106_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding108_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding150_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding176_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding209_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding210_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding213_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding223_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding266_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding267_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding275_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding276_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding278_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding279_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding281_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding284_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding286_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding287_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding289_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding293_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding296_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding300_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding301_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding312_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding188_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding189_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding190_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding191_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding192_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding184_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding194_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding195_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding197_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding200_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding202_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding203_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding318_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding319_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding320_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding323_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding326_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding327_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding329_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding331_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding332_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding433_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding383_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding446_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding359_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding423_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding419_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding393_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding388_big=Rucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding338_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding336_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding452_big=Rucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding438_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding439_bigRucando_Catalan_DanyelStapletonPhotography_Wedding432_big

Photographer:  Danyel Stapleton Photography | Dress Store: Alexandra’s Boutique | Floral Designer: Whole Foods Market | DJ: DJ VALENTINA | Event Venue: Roger Williams Botanical Garden | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Larisa and Captain Murphy’s Glen Manor House Wedding

Larisa and Captain Murphy Bright’s Glen Manor House wedding is the perfect way to kick off our Fourth of July holiday week. From cutting the cake with a saber to the cutest four-legged gift from the bride to the groom (a bulldog puppy named Bone Digger) this Marine and his wife’s wedding was our summer dream!

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Andrea and Greg’s Atlantic Inn Block Island Wedding

Andrea and Greg’s Block Island wedding was a summer celebration bringing together friends and family from around the world. Block Island is a second home for Greg and his family, so the couple knew it was the perfect place to share their love. Although Hurricane Jose almost prevented all of their guests and vendors from making it to the island the night before, everyone arrived the day-of to perfect weather, beautiful decor both during their chapel ceremony and tented reception, and a firework display at the end of the night. Inspired by New England and the Atlantic Ocean, this wedding had a nautical theme with bright colors and greenery infused throughout!

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Big Fake Wedding 2018 Ticket Giveaway

It’s that time of year again, we are SO excited for The New England Big Fake Wedding 2018! We are giving away 2 tickets to YOU our readers!

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Claire and Tyler’s Block Island Wedding at The Coast Guard House

Claire and Tyler had always admired the Coast Guard House on Block Island and KNEW they were going to have a BI wedding.  What better place than the iconic Coast Guard house!  They diligently went to town meetings to get permission to hold their quaint small tented wedding on the grounds of the Block Island Coast Guard House property and we think you’ll agree, the result is beautiful!

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Rail Explorers – A Sea Side Summer Bridal Party Activity

Bridal parties are a collection of old and new friends. They are often a mixture of your childhood friends, your desk mate at work, and probably a sibling or two. While it can be a blast to have all your besties in one place at one time, it can be a challenge for everyone to bond before the big day. We are always looking for fun ways to help bridal parties members, family, and friends engage and have fun! At this year’s Newport Bridal Show, we found our newest seaside bonding dream!

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Caitlin and Steve’s Blush and Gold Glen Manor House Wedding

Caitlin and Steve wanted their wedding to be a mini-destination for their friends and family. When the couple first went to visit Glen Manor House, they knew right away that Newport and Glen Manor were the perfect fit. Their visit happened to be on the coldest day of the year in the middle of February, and it was still the most beautiful venue they had ever seen!

2018 Ultimate Spring Giveaway

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Kathryn and Joshua’s Stone House Wedding

Kathryn and Joshua brought a whole new level of casual elegance to the Stone House in Little Compton, Rhode Island. The couple used classic details like the bride’s Sarah Janks dress and gorgeous bouquet by Sayles Livingston filled with white roses, peonies, and hydrangeas to create a relaxed elegant feel.  The groom and best man were fitted in Black Lapel apparel and bow ties by Drake’s giving the men a dashing air. Continue reading