5 myths about wedding registries

5 Wedding Registry Myths You Fell For

There’s one thing that’s supposed to be fun while wedding planning. No, not the tasting. We’re talking about creating a registry! It’s supposed to be fun to choose the gifts you’ll get. It’s supposed to be fun to think about your future together and choose the items that will become part of your family tradition. Supposed to be is the key phrase there… often creating a registry is surprisingly stressful! We think the stress comes from the myths about things that people think they have to do or register for. Thankfully, we have the solutions to each myth!

5 myths about a wedding registry Myth #1 – You need fine china. Unless you’re someone who loves to host fancy dinner parties and really is passionate about hand washing dishes, you can probably drop china from the registry. It’s expensive, fragile, and for many couples just sits in boxes for decades. If you are someone who is excited about getting fancy dishes, go for it! The thing to remember is that you do not have to get it. If you want it, great. If you don’t, that’s great too.

Traditionally couples registered for china because they were expensive items a newly wed couple couldn’t afford. Also, these pieces were expected to be things you kept for your whole marriage and would become part of your family traditions for years to come. You can take that concept and tweak it to your needs.

Things to consider instead of china:  A nice bar ware set with pretty glasses or a decanter you’ll use regularly. A piece of furniture that you can have for decades. A piece of art that you can see and enjoy for years to come.

5 Myths about a Wedding RegistryMyth #2 – You need a stand mixer. All though we are BIG fans of stand mixers, no one needs it. If you love to cook or bake, then sure, choose your favorite color and enjoy! If you’re not someone who enjoys being in the kitchen you can save yourself from lugging around a 15 lb mixer that you keep because it was expensive and you feel guilty for not using it. There are plenty of other appliances you can register for that might be more suited to your needs.

Instead of a stand mixer: get a really nice toaster oven. The kind that heats up pizza in 10 minutes with perfectly crisp edges. Get the whole crafted coffee set up (yes, that can be as much as a stand mixer and more) and go all out at coffee time. Get a sweet vacuum and maybe you’ll enjoy cleaning!

5 wedding registry myths Myth #3 – Registries make gift-giving boring for guests. The people who are coming to your wedding love you and want you to be happy. The point of brining someone a gift, even one they choose, is to make them happy. What better way to give a gift that you know someone will love than to choose it from a list they made!

Your registry isn’t about the guests, it’s about you, your fiance, and the life you live together. Register for things that you ned or want and your guests will love getting to be a part of your life in any capacity.

5 myths about wedding registriesMyth #4 – Making a registry means you won’t get as much cash. If there’s one thing we know to be true in this life, it’s that some people are gift people, some people are cash people, and there’s nothing you can do to change either one.

The people who are going to bring a physical gift will do so whether you have a registry or not. At least if you made the registry you can manage what they bring you so you like the item, or at least can more easily return it. The people who want to give cash will so regardless of a registry.

5 myths about wedding registriesMyth #5 You need to have a registry. All though for many couples registries are fun and we do have some great tips on what to include (registry ideas!) you do NOT need to have a registry. If physical items aren’t something you’re excited for, try a honeymoon registry like Honeyfund where you can register for experiences. If you’ve got your home and your honeymoon all set, don’t register for anything!

Instead of a registry, ask guests to bring a donation to a food bank or shelter, or make a donation to their favorite local non-profit. What better way to share some good karma than to use your wedding day as a way to benefit your community!

Myths or no myths, your registry should be fun. Whether you’re registering for useful items, fun items, or no items at all, remember to try and have fun!

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