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The 3 Fall Bouquets of Your Dreams

Fall is finally here and so are fall weddings! Our friends over at FTD created these creative mood boards that feature the most stunning of fall wedding flowers. Each visual highlights the main florals used in each bouquet so that you can easily recreate them on your own. Check out our favorite bouquets below to inspire your fall wedding!

Stylish and Modern
Proteas are one of the most impressive fall flowers. This bouquet features two types: the magnificent king protea and delicate blushing bride protea. King protea takes center stage here, and are glammed up with gold glitter creating a unique touch of sparkle. Blushing bride protea serve as an accent floral with its creamy white and delicately pink blooms.
Fall Wedding Flowers | The Newport Bride
Classic and Refined
Featuring dusty mauve Proteas and champagne roses, this fall bouquet evokes nostalgia and class. The subtle color palette fully encapsulates the warmth of fall colors, with bright red firecracker plants and pepperberries offering a touch of vibrance. Featuring both classic flowers like roses, and exotic blooms like proteas and scabiosa this bouquet is both eclectic yet classy.
Fall Wedding Flowers | The Newport Bride
Lush and Vibrant
This bouquet features fall’s richest colors. Bright fuchsia garden roses and bold red ranunculuses are balanced by deep purple dahlias. Long and slender olive leaves add unique texture and hawthorn berries add a touch of whimsey to create a fall bouquet that is both vibrant and luxurious.
To see more floral options, visit our Pinterest boards or visit our friends at FTD.
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