Top Bridal Makeup Techniques


Didn’t you just love Lyndsay‘s tips for better bridal makeup? We did! We loved them so much we got her to share her favorite bridal makeup techniques. See if these give you ideas for your bridal makeup.

  • Airbrushing: Flawless, long lasting coverage. Perfect for concealing and evening out skin discoloration while producing an all over glow. I like to use silicone foundations like Temptu S/B to give the skin radiance while still covering imperfections. Airbrush makeup can also be used for tattoo coverage as well!
  • Individual Lashes: Create extra definition of the eyes while giving the lashes a fanned out, feathery look without the problems that strip lashes can produce. Unlike a lash strip, individual lashes are lighter on the eye and wont pop off and poke you through the night. Your guests wont know you are wearing falsies, only that your lashes look amazing!
  • Priming Your Canvas: A good primer and setting spray are so important to keep your wedding look lasting all night. My go to products for this are Skindinavia’s The Makeup Primer spray and The Makeup Finishing Spray. The primer creates a smooth barrier between the skin and makeup, reducing redness and pores so your makeup sits beautifully on the skin. I cant finish a bridal makeup without The Makeup Finishing Spray: Bridal. It helps the makeup resist oil and moisture while working to keep your makeup looking fresh for 16 hours. I swear by these sprays to keep my looks fresh throughout the day.

Check out her website Lyndsay Simon Beauty for her full portfolio and to see these tips in action.

Photos by Sweet Alice Photography 

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