3 Tips for Better Wedding Catering

Kathleen Geasy happens to know a thing or two about catering weddings; especially ones pertaining on the island she calls home. Tourists spill into Newport during the summer months and through the fall, enjoying all the wonderful foods it has to offer, from traditional gourmet seafood, to decadent meats. Kathleen works for Russell Morin Catering, one of the top catering companies on the island. They know a few things about what it takes to get the best for the big day. We sat down with them in an interview and asked for their tips to get the best catering.

1. Choose foods that are in season for optimum freshness. The main suggestion to really think about is the season, and choosing foods that are appropriate for the event. We a wide variety of different venues for different styles of weddings but some remain timeless like filet and lobster. We also love to offer twists of customary foods, like a Newport lobster bar – where we had four different kinds of lobster: Lobster rolls, lobster bisque, as well as, miniature lobster tacos. The idea of this is taking something traditional and giving it a little twist! The best tip I would recommend though, is matching your venue to the season and style

2. Make it personal.  We did some very upscale burgers – simple but elegant. Another favorite we did once for a couple was a lobster dish in a Thai coconut curry sauce.. It was to die for! The more personal, the better!

3. Make sure your caterer has a style that matches your own. You definitely want to meet and make sure they’re style and value matches what you have in mind. Make sure they are listening to you, and what’s important because people put in different values on different things. Important to make sure caterer doesn’t pigeon hole you and surpass little touches. Definitely keep in mind their response time and check references or read reviews. Specially speak to references make sure they can handle what you are asking them to. We pride ourselves on being flexible but we also want to make sure we are being realistic with our clients.

Photo Credit: Summer Wedding at the Whaling Museum, http://www.morins.com/blog

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    The most important one for me is Tip 2: Make It Personal. My partner and I have a great tradition, each year on the anniversary that we got together we make the first dishes we cooked for each other so my partner does a Thai crab cakes starter and a fruit salad desert and I put together a mushroom risotto. Having these dishes served on our wedding day would be amazing especially as our wedding day is going to be on our 5th anniversary 🙂

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