Signature Wedding Menu Ideas

Planning a wedding menu can be one of the most stressful elements of planning your wedding, as everyone wants to give their guests a meal that they’ll enjoy and remember. If you’re struggling to plan your wedding menu, consider choosing a menu based on the season when you’ll be tying the knot. By choosing a seasonal wedding menu, you’ll be able to create a meal that matches the vibe of your wedding.

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12 Ways to Keep Guests Cool

12 Ways to Keep Guests Cool and Comfortable

Summer is just around the corner. With the sun comes soft breezes and bright rays. Perfect for tanning and beach days, but it can make for a pretty toasty ceremony or reception. Making sure guests are cool and comfortable is a priority for many couples. Our favorite ideas for keeping guests happy include ice cream, personalized fans, and so much more. Check out #11…. such a great idea!

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Mashed Potato Bar | The Newport Bride

Unconventional Wedding Food

We love when couples incorporate special food into their wedding menu. We’ve seen everything from grandma’s pie to baklava imported from Turkey. Whatever your unique cuisine, there is always a way to bring it to the table. To keep it fun and guest friendly we have 3 guidelines.

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The Ultimate Bar Food Wedding | The Newport Bride

The Ultimate Bar Food Wedding

We. Love. Bar Food. Like really, a plate of hot wings and some cheese fries, that’s all we need. Weddings are good for many things. Open bars, fancy foods, happiness, but sometimes we really just want the tried and true favorites. In recent years it has become popular for couples to take their favorite traditionally non-wedding appropriate foods, and turn them into bridal masterpieces. Take bar food for example. It’s delicious, everyone likes it, and its fun and different!

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14 Ways To Have Donuts At Your Wedding

Who doesn’t love donuts? Soft, sweet, and delicious they are the ultimate easy eat sweet. Weddings are the perfect opportunity to take you love of a unique food item to a whole new level with creative uses for the food. Escort cards, cake toppers, there is a usage for every food, sweet or salty. Our favorite 14 ways to used donuts at your wedding reception are below. #8 is pretty fantastic!

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Sweet Stations for a Winter Wedding | The Newport Bride

5 Sweet Stations for a Winter Wedding

Our 5 favorite interactive sweet stations for a winter wedding from a hot chocolate bar to a make your own frost cupcake. Sweet doesn’t begin to describe the deliciousness we are imagining.  Continue reading

3 Tips for Better Wedding Catering

Kathleen Geasy happens to know a thing or two about catering weddings; especially ones pertaining on the island she calls home. Tourists spill into Newport during the summer months and through the fall, enjoying all the wonderful foods it has to offer, from traditional gourmet seafood, to decadent meats. Kathleen works for Russell Morin Catering, one of the top catering companies on the island. They know a few things about what it takes to get the best for the big day. We sat down with them in an interview and asked for their tips to get the best catering.

1. Choose foods that are in season for optimum freshness. The main suggestion to really think about is the season, and choosing foods that are appropriate for the event. We a wide variety of different venues for different styles of weddings but some remain timeless like filet and lobster. We also love to offer twists of customary foods, like a Newport lobster bar – where we had four different kinds of lobster: Lobster rolls, lobster bisque, as well as, miniature lobster tacos. The idea of this is taking something traditional and giving it a little twist! The best tip I would recommend though, is matching your venue to the season and style

2. Make it personal.  We did some very upscale burgers – simple but elegant. Another favorite we did once for a couple was a lobster dish in a Thai coconut curry sauce.. It was to die for! The more personal, the better!

3. Make sure your caterer has a style that matches your own. You definitely want to meet and make sure they’re style and value matches what you have in mind. Make sure they are listening to you, and what’s important because people put in different values on different things. Important to make sure caterer doesn’t pigeon hole you and surpass little touches. Definitely keep in mind their response time and check references or read reviews. Specially speak to references make sure they can handle what you are asking them to. We pride ourselves on being flexible but we also want to make sure we are being realistic with our clients.

Photo Credit: Summer Wedding at the Whaling Museum,

Post created by The Newport Bride intern Juliette Livingston

Comfort Food for Your I Do’s

Mini food is kid-proof and grown up approved. Plus, it’s just more fun. Now, take your favorite comfort foods and make them mini… mind blown! Weddings are all about fun and having all your favorite people in one place. What if you had your favorite people and your favorite foods? It can seem unweddingish to have a cheese burger. But what about a mini cheese burger as a passed o-dourves? Suddenly it’s glamorous and fun! Don’t be afraid to serve your favorite comforts foods. Try serving them in an unconventional way or making them o’dourve sized.

Mini Chicken Pot Pies from Food Gawker

Mashed Potato Martinis from Wedding Window

Mini Cheeseburgers and Beer Steins from The Berry

Mini Mac and Cheese Cups by The Curvy Carrot

Mini Deep-Dish Pizza Cupcakes by Plan Chicken

Shrimp and Cheese Grits by Pizzazzerie

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Shots found on United With Love

Meatloaf on a Stick found on BuzzFeed

Bacon and Egg Cupcakes from Eat Good 4 Life

Mini Hot Dogs found on Jo and Sue

Tiny Chicken and Waffles found on Delish

Petite Baked Potato by The Comfort of Cooking

Lasagna Cupcakes byThe Girl Who Ate Everything

Tiny Tacos found on Brides

Spaghetti and Meatball Bites found on Delish

Mini Pancake Stacks from Offbeat Bride

Butternut Squash Soup Shot from Martha Stewart

Mini Cinnamon Rolls image found on BuzzFeed

For more comfort food ideas, visit our Pinterest board O’Dourves.

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Edible Escort Cards

Escort cards can sometimes feel like a waste. Sure they’re cute and carry the theme, but they can get pricy and ultimately, they are only useful from the time it takes guests to find their table. What if escort cards were edible? Guests get a tasty treat and you get to see their happy faces! Who doesn’t love to start a party with a little treat. The fried chicken is our favorite, what’s yours?

Chocolates –  The Knot

Treats and Jam – Martha Stewart Weddings

Cookies and Milk – The Knot Blog

Friend Chicken – Southern Weddings

Mints – The Knot

Macaroons – South Bound Bride

Candy – Marzime Hubpages

Popcorn – Grey Likes Weddings

Fresh bread – Southern Weddings

A Fizzy drink – Deer Pearl Flowers

Rock Candy – Britt+Co

Cup cakes – Style Me Pretty

Cake pops – Brides Magazine

Cookies – Mod Wedding

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Creative food stations for your reception

Everyone loves the open bar at a wedding, how about a biscuit bar or a pie bar? Even better! It’s interactive, it’s different, and most importantly, it’s delicious! You can turn any food unto a bar with a cute sign and some creative staging.

  1. Biscuit Bar

2. Popcorn Bar

3. Hot Coco Bar

4. Sushi Bar

5. Mashed Potato Bar

6. S’mores Bar

7. Sangria Bar

8. Taco Bar

9. Cheese Bar

10. Waffle Bar

11. Pie Bar

12. Trail Mix Bar

13. Baked Potato Bar

14. Oyster Bar

15. Bread and Butter Bar

For more food station options, visit our Pinterest board Stations.

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