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Unconventional Wedding Food

We love when couples incorporate special food into their wedding menu. We’ve seen everything from grandma’s pie to baklava imported from Turkey. Whatever your unique cuisine, there is always a way to bring it to the table. To keep it fun and guest friendly we have 3 guidelines.

Fully embrace your food and don’t let anyone (we’re looking at you Great-Aunt Marge) dissuade you. Your wedding should be the ultimate reflection of you and your spouse-to-be. If you both love tacos, then have a taco bar! You should have the food you love, the person you love, and the day you’ve always dreamed of.

Taco Bar | The Newport Bride    Meatloaf | The Newport Bride

If you want to introduce new kinds of foods to cocktail hour, make them mini! Guests are much more likely to try something new when it’s bite sized. Food is less intimidation when it’s over in a bite. Bring in some food from your family’s culture or something the two of you experienced together.

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Go big or go home! If you want spaghetti at your wedding, well then darn tooten you have spaghetti at your wedding. Don’t try to hide the fact that you chose unique wedding food, highlight it! Guests will love the personal flair and you’ll love getting to have food you really enjoy!

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(Header: Kristen Gardner 1. Tacos by Stephanie Fay Photography as see on Style Me Pretty 2. Meatloaf by Courtney Dox as seen on Southern Weddings 3. Chicken and Waffles as seen on 4. Churros by Max Wanger as seen on 100 Layer Cake   5. Spaghetti as seen on niniartes)

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