Signature Wedding Menu Ideas

Planning a wedding menu can be one of the most stressful elements of planning your wedding, as everyone wants to give their guests a meal that they’ll enjoy and remember. If you’re struggling to plan your wedding menu, consider choosing a menu based on the season when you’ll be tying the knot. By choosing a seasonal wedding menu, you’ll be able to create a meal that matches the vibe of your wedding.

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Mashed Potato Bar | The Newport Bride

Unconventional Wedding Food

We love when couples incorporate special food into their wedding menu. We’ve seen everything from grandma’s pie to baklava imported from Turkey. Whatever your unique cuisine, there is always a way to bring it to the table. To keep it fun and guest friendly we have 3 guidelines.

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The Ultimate Bar Food Wedding | The Newport Bride

The Ultimate Bar Food Wedding

We. Love. Bar Food. Like really, a plate of hot wings and some cheese fries, that’s all we need. Weddings are good for many things. Open bars, fancy foods, happiness, but sometimes we really just want the tried and true favorites. In recent years it has become popular for couples to take their favorite traditionally non-wedding appropriate foods, and turn them into bridal masterpieces. Take bar food for example. It’s delicious, everyone likes it, and its fun and different!

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