Jordan + Joe’s Belle Mer Wedding

Newport Rhode Islands stunning wedding venue, Belle Mer ran by Longwood Venue was nothing short of amazing experience. The view of the ocean front was one close to heart, our Groom being from a beach resort town. Upon arrival, a stunning floral hoop greeted guests. The earth toned flowers paired perfectly with the theme of there day, classic elegance! After the cutest first look, Jordan and Joe couple enjoyed portraits by the water. It was a gloomy weather day but according to Joe, so was their first date so it seemed meant to be. After all, it’s just weather. Love makes it all better!

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17 Times Long Sleeves Were the Sexiest | The Newport Bride

17 Times Long Sleeves Were the Sexiest

It’s finally winter! While for much of New England it does not exactly feel like winter, the cooler weather is coming. Sexy gowns aren’t all strapless and slinky, these long-sleeved gowns are the sexiest and they’ll still keep you warm on your walk down the aisle. Are you ready to go long?

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The Best Bridesmaids T's | The Newport Bride

The Best Bridesmaid T’s

Bride and Bridesmaids T’s are in almost every wedding store, in every color and style. There are so many choices! Etsy has a few thousand Bridesmaid T’s listed, the pages just keep going and going….

Lucky for you we’ve put together just a few of our favorites. Check our Bridesmaids Gifts list on Etsy for more presents for the girls!

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A Vineyard Vines Wedding

It’s no secret that we love everything pink and preppy, and the Vineyard Vines whale is no exception. What’s not to love about a brand that’s all about fun in the sun? As it gets colder here we’re dreaming of warm weather weddings, with sun and waves and of course, our favorite summer wardrobe staples. You know, like Vineyard Vines.

If you’re dreaming on a Vineyard Vines  themed wedding, check out their wedding site and maybe even create a customize tie and cummerbund set for your big day. Complete with a personalized embroidery/text section on the backside of the tie, these set are the perfect groom and groomsmen gifts. A one of a kind piece they will actually wear again.

If we were planning a Vineyard Vines themed wedding it might look something like this…

The cake would be pink and navy with whales of course.


The groom would wear this smashing “Crabby” tie.

A Vineyard Vines Themed Wedding

There would be plates and plates of these whale cookies.


The ring bearer and flower girl would be too cute to handle.


A Vineyard Vines Wedding | The Newport Bride

Even the drinks would be decorated with whales.

A Vineyard Vines Wedding | The Newport BRide

There would be no shortage of fabulous bow ties.

A Vineyard Vines Wedding  The Newport BRide

There would take lots of pictures like these.


A Vineyard Vines Wedding | The Newport Bride

The bridesmaids would be cool, comfortable, and stylish.

A Vineyard Vines Wedding | The Newport Bride

The favors would be just the cutest.


And the couple might even sail away on a VV printed surf board. You know, just because they can.


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A Christmas Tree Farm Wedding: Inspired by KJP + Sarah KJP

Over the weekend fashion icons and the founders of the brand KJP, Kiel James Patrick (@KJP) and Sarah Vickers (@SarahKJP) said their “I Do”s at Henry’s Christmas Tree Farm in Hope Rhode Island. Their picture perfect lives were perfectly summed up in their venue choice. Getting married at a Christmas tree farm seems perfect for this iconic American made brand. In everything this sweet couple and their company highlight the importance of family and friends, the beauty of New England, and the importance of supporting local American brands. In an Instagram post yesterday, Kiel said this of their wedding day “We hopped into our Jeep Wagoneer and drove back home to be with family and friends for apple pie, cake, moms gingerbread cookies, Christmas music, champagne and eggnog. It was the most perfect day and we both agreed that all the little things we already had was all we ever needed to live happily ever after.” Does it get any more beautiful and honest than that? In this crazy world we can’t help but love the people who have the opportunity for anything, but choose the simple family-centered life.

While their official wedding pictures haven’t been released, we’ve dreamed up a few ideas of what Sarah and Kiel’s wedding might have looked like. Tell us in the comments what you think. How would you do a wedding a a Christmas tree farm? K

Screenshot 2015-12-07 14.41.00

If we were planning a wedding at a Christmas tree farm (P.S. what a great idea!) we would probably take some pictures like these.

 1590e15b1b782b427fadc4701629b3bd bbd23820640ad7fd4f770329f51099c7


We would decorate like this.


13e3453e071584c7499f100c12fbf5eb ec9bc105df5766f89d99216c09ceb8ea e5d822669fdffd26cb7abba0f1c74a3d

a99d8679a0a17049859a60d778efc873 cf2e534db32e1605dd6ae38912d74f6d 7c39ec22e22d4094aa22e6c2dc184600

The escort cards would be rustic and playful.

cbd4d4940587115a714db3988bd2404d 1955a8ad672d5e3050516fba2815823a

The favors might look something like these.

ffc557e2baf11c54b6e9070b55b57865 c263e410d2fdc800017b3db8bd648431 2f4209fa26f2f093cabd969d1e61227e

The dessert station would have these lovely treats.

e57aa99c1378d8c1d4eb8a6b94426991 dc12b28843bcb18d461afdb9e036a6a4 c082fed7cadafa514e7829778d2c13aa

c63175feed8d91b5dcfdfbbc047caba7 8716966420f1eb49bb68ffc7c94a2a4b 22b7256de42da643ae070ac1b34df985

The bouquets and boutonnieres would be inspired by the green of the venue.

290bba4140614abe97d8688b831fc721 20d11c7b01531a57d987577c444fa7c9

Maybe, just maybe, there would be a sleigh ready to pull the happy couple away to their new life of married bliss.


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21 Winter Cocktails | The Newport Bride

21 Sweet and Savory Winter Cocktails

There’s nothing better than sitting by the fire with a cozy blanket and a good drink; coffee, coco, or otherwise. These are 21 of our favorite winter cocktails. Seems like a perfect to-do list for a weekend get together. That campfire delight is tops on the list.

Kahula Hot Chocolate – Damn Delicious

21 Favorite Winter Cocktails | The Newport Bride

Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria – The Kitchn


Winter Cranberry Martini – Swooned Magazine

21 Winter Cocktails | The Newport Bride

Spiced Irish Coffee – Spiced Train

21 Favorite Winter Cocktails |The newport Bride

Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate – Minimalist Baker


Campfire Delight – Weddings & Honeymoons


Cranberry Bourbon Fizz – Style Me Pretty

21 Winter Cocktails | The NEwport Bride

Sugar and Spice White Russian – Waiting on Martha


Persimmon Spice Punch – My Diary of Us

21 Winter Cocktails | The newport Bride

Spiced Spiked Eggnog – The Flair Exchange


Apple Mint Sangria – The Kitchy Kitchen


Mulled Wine – Waiting on Martha

21 Winter Cocktails | THe Newport Bride

Apple Pie Sgroppino Cocktail – Style Me Pretty

21 Winter Cocktails | The newport Bride

Coconut Milk with Honey, Hazelnuts, and Bourbon – The Gouda Life 


Sex on a Snowbank – Nellie Bellie


Cranberry Ginger Sparkling Rum Cider – Katie in the Kitchen


Grapefruit Rosemary Mule – Domesticate Me

21 Winter COcktails | The Newport Bride

Cranberry Mojito – Nutmeg Nanny

21 Winter Cocktails | THe Newport Bride

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Martini – Will Cook for Friends


Hot Buttered Rum – Epicurious

21 Winter COcktails | The Newport Bride

Pomegranate Martini – Good Housekeeping

Pomegranate Mojito


Winter Accessories for Bridesmaids | The Newport Bride

Winter Bridesmaids

Winter is almost here, time to make sure you and your girls are warm on the big day. While we totally support bridesmaids wearing sleeveless dresses if that’s what the bride picked, we also a big day of embracing the season and giving your gals something to keep them warm as it cools outside. Whether you are a fur loving debutant or more of a simple flannel person, bridesmaids can be warm and stylish. Which do you love?

Winter Bridesmaids | The Newport Bride


Winter Bride

Winter Bridesmaids | The Newport Bride


Winter Bridesmaids | The NewportBride

Winter Bridesmaids | The Newport Bride



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41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets

Winter starts in just 24 days! With the cooler weather comes soft textures and colors. We’ve put together 41 of our favorite winter bouquets. Some are soft and sweet in white and muted grey, some are bright and cheery in reds and jewel tones. Whatever your personal flavor you can’t go wrong. Ask your local florist what is in season and see if it tickets your fancy. Winter has some unique blooms that can make your bouquet stand apart.


41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | The Newport Bride


41 Winter Bouquets | The Newport Bride


41 Fabulu

41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | The Newport Bride



41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | THe Newport Bride

41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | The Newpor tBride



41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | The Newport Bride







41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | THe Newport Bride

41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | Te Newport Bride



41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | The Newport Bride



41 Fabulous Winter Wedding Bouquets | The Newport Bride

41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets




41 FAbulous Winter Bouquets | The Newport Bride




41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | The Newport Bride


42 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | The Newport Bride


41 Fabulous Winter Bouquets | The Newport BRide

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Merry Every After

Merry Christmas! Ok, Christmas is still 27 days away, but now that Thanksgiving is over we’re ready for carols, snowman shaped cookies and all the coco in the world! As wreaths and trees appear, see if some of your favorite decorations inspires a little holiday themed wedding decor.

Winter Greenery Centerpiece – Brides

Merry Every After, a Christmas Wedding | The Newport Bride

Ornament Escort Cards – Something Turquoise 

Merry Ever After | The Newport Bride

Sleigh Bell Favors – Jessica Sloan

Merry Every After | The Newport Bride

Plaid Accents – Style Me Pretty and Sarah Tew Photography

Merry Ever After | The Newport Bride

Christmas Tree Centerpieces – Wedding Chicks & Pat Furey Photography


Cranberry and Pine Candle – Happy Wed


Mr and Mrs Wreaths – Glamour and Grace


Holiday Sparkle Chair Decoration – Living Locurto


Pinecone Cake Topper – Wedding Chicks

b591d750ad77ef8f5ea5be512a5ab53bPinecone anad Pine Sashes – Unknown

Merry Every After  | The Newport Bride

Mistletoe – Emmaline Bride

Merry Every After | The Newport Bride

(Header: One To Wed)

The Best Wedding Planning Websites

The world wide web is wonderful for giving information on any and every subject imaginable. Sometimes, that much information can be over whelming especially when it comes to planning your wedding. With thousands of options for everything from napkin colors and ribbons to types of aisle runners and envelope liners, there are almost too many choices. With the bridal party sometimes spread out over multiple cities, states, and even counties, online resources can be a great way to keep everyone involved and on the same page. Over the years we’ve developed a list of the websites we think are the most useful when planning your wedding. Let us know what you think!

Wedding Apparel + Accessories

Weddington Way – They have a fantastic variety of dresses that come in similar color lots for easy mix and match. Brides can invite their bridesmaids to join a virtual showroom where girls can suggest dresses and accessories, and even vote or comment on the ones they like best. This seemingly little feature allows for seamless communication between the bride and her girls.

BHLDN – With everything from bridal and bridesmaid gown to gifts and accessories, BHLDN is like an online bridal boutique with a little of everything. Their pieces are beautiful and timeless, there’s something for every bride.

My Glass Slipper – This shoe only site has every style and color you could hope for. They carry the big designers and known brand names along with some lesser known brands that just make amazing shoes. If you are looking for that special pair of shoes, this just might be what you’ve been looking for.

ModCloth – Known best for their quirky vintage style, ModCloth has a wide array of clothing, accessories, and shoes. Whether you are just looking for the perfect accessories or you want a non-traditional wedding dress, you should definitely peek around their website. With everything from tea length gowns and feathered fascinators to crystal clutches and glittering earrings, they have unique one of a kind pieces that are sure to stun guests and the groom alike.

Plum Pretty Sugar – Offering a discount version of all the most popular wedding accessories like floral robes for your the girls to get ready in and sweet little personalized gifts, Plum Pretty Sugar is the perfect spot to find gifts for your bridal party.

Fritts Rosenow –  For the inventive and creative groom, these boutineers are made of everything but traditional fabrics. Their creative takes on the usual boutineer are fun and playful. They take custom orders so if you have an idea on improving one of their beautiful creations, let them know!

Invitations and Paper Goods

Minted – Minted has every kind of stationary from flat print on flat white to letterpress on pink flowered paper. Every step of customizable down to the exact color of the ink, envelope liners, even word placement. They also can address the envelopes for your so all you have to do is slap on a stamp. As an extra bonus, each design on Minted is created by an individual private designer who submitted their design to Minted. By purchasing through Minted you are supporting the local businesses of independent designers across the country. Many invitation designs also have a matching save the date or ceremony program layout for a cohesive feel from start to finish.

Wedding Paper Divas – Adorable, beautiful, and with lots and lots of options, Wedding Paper Divas is a bit more afforable than Minted but still has a wide array of options and customizable features. Many design suites have an array of wedding paper goods available from save the dates before, ceremony orders during, and thank you notes after.

Bella Figura – With eco friendly paper, vintage and modern designs, and everything from letterpress to foil, Bella Figura has a little bit of everything. They sort by design types like modern, vintage, metallic, beach, etc. making invitations easy to sort through.


Shop Sweet Lulu – Shop Sweet Lulu was born out of love of fun colorful boutique party planning materials. They carry everything from paper straws and cake toppers, to mini milk jugs and wedding favors. They carry quality products that are sure to wow your guests. They even do custom orders!

Save On Crafts – Prefect for the DIY bride, Save on Crafts offers discounted craft and crafting materials. Think Michaels but bigger and with better variety.

For Your Party – This site sells every party accessory you can think of from matchboxes and sparkler sleeves to cocktail napkins and drink stirrers. Everything can be personalized with your monogram or wedding hashtag.

Do you have a favorite online resource not listed here? Share in the comments below!