Brianna and Nick Part 4: Staying positive during pandemic planning

Couple of the Year Brianna and Nick are continuing with their wedding plans! Like so many, they’ve had to drastically adjust what their day will look like, but they’re persevering through it all. No matter what the day or guest list looks like, their wedding day will be beautiful because it’s the day they get married!


With my bridal shower, bachelorette, wedding, and honeymoon all postponed until next year it’s hard to still feel like a bride. Instead of focusing on the negative, I’ve really been trying to focus on the positives, like having another year to celebrate. In that spirit, I’ve decided to embrace all the bridal goodies I’ve already accumulated! That means sipping champagne from our “Mr. & Mrs.” champagne flutes, wearing my custom denim jacket featuring my new last name just because, and rocking my cozy “Mrs.” slippers around the house.

One bridal outfit I’ve loved to wear lately is the Sleep Tight wedding sleep shirt from Bridesmaid Gift Boutique. Let’s be honest, we’ve been spending a lot more time inside these past few months and having cute yet comfortable things to wear to hang out on the couch with my fiancé has made it a lot more fun. Plus, I feel like a bride waking up on her wedding day each morning. 

This sleep shirt is a great alternative to robes for getting ready the morning of your wedding! The bride can wear white like mine and the girls can be in the pink or black options! A matching sleep mask from the boutique would be cute too. Bridesmaid Gift Boutique has a bunch of options for bridesmaids gifts, bachelorette goodies, or a sweet gift for a postponed bride. I really like the gift set section. They have bridesmaid proposal boxes to ask your girls to be in your bridal party and cute themed boxes like the Tropical Beach Box or Pamper Me Box that could be a gift for anyone at any time. 

So with all that said, we ARE still getting married and have wedding planning to do! We had a lot already finalized by the time we made the call to postpone but still have details to wrap up. Luckily all our vendors were available for our new date which means our new day will be the same day we imagined. Nick still has to finalize his custom tuxedo with Aldo’s Formals. I picked up my dress the week before we postponed and still have to do all my dress fittings. We still have to finalize plans for our rehearsal dinner at Queen Anne’s Loft. Not to mention we have some long overdue celebrating to do with our family and friends at our bachelor/bachelorette parties and bridal shower! On top of the plans we need to finish, we got a curveball thrown at us, too. Our honeymoon was rescheduled for September 2021 but a few weeks later the resort notified us they will be shutting down that month so they canceled our honeymoon. We are now looking at new honeymoon spots and hoping this is a blessing in disguise making way for us to have an even better honeymoon. 

Thank you to Bridesmaid Gift Boutique for sending this gift to me!  

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