Jacqueline and Jared Part 8: The Wedding Week

The week is finally here! Jacqueline and Jared get married in just 3 days!! Ever wonder what goes through a bride’s brain the week of her wedding? Jacqueline can tell you herself in this latest installment of our 2019 Couple of the Year series.


As I am writing this last post before my wedding, I am FREAKING out that I have ONE WEEK LEFT. It is crazy that it is actually here. I have so many different emotions that I seriously cannot even figure out what they are! 

There is (obviously) so much that I am excited for but I figured in the days leading up to the wedding I would let you all in on a little bit of the personal and fun details that we are doing for the wedding that I am the most excited about. 

Our vows: 

Jared and I are writing our own vows to say to each other, but we are saying them privately. During our first look we are going to say them to each other, just the two of us. We want to spend as much time together during the wedding as possible, but with 160 people it will be hard. So we are looking forward to having that time alone. During the ceremony we will be doing just a simple, non-denominational ceremony performed by my Stepdad, which we are both so excited about. 

Our guest book: 

This might just be my favorite detail of the wedding! I personally just do not really see the point of guest books at a wedding. They are classic and a normal thing to have so people do it, but we wanted to switch it up. We are using the company SpeechBooth as our guest book. Basically, it is a video booth, similar to that of a reality show when the contestants talk right to the camera. I am so excited to see all of the messages our guests have for us, and to see how much more fun (and likely inappropriate) the videos get throughout the night! I thought of this idea and have not ever heard of anybody doing it before, but I looked it up and there was the perfect company for it! They are sending us the setup a few days before the wedding, and are located in Boston. Once we return the set up, they will give us the raw footage, a social media highlight reel, and an edited version with the videos put to music for us to watch! In my opinion this is so unique, and so much better than a guest book and I cannot wait to see the result. 

Late night snack: 

We really wanted a late night snack that was a little different, and growing up living on Broadway, we would go to Ben’s Chili Dogs more than I would like to admit. When I heard they did events I just knew that I wanted to have them come as our late night snack for our wedding! It is just too nostalgic and perfect to pass up on! Plus, who doesn’t like hot dogs?! They are coming for the last hour of the wedding and will be the perfect way for us to end the night. 

Our Dog: 

As much as I wish we could have included our dogs in our wedding it just would not have been worth it. However, I am so excited that we got to bring one of our two dogs up to Rhode Island for our whole wedding week and I get to take pictures with her beforehand! I once read that one brides’ biggest wedding regret was not having her dog with her while she was getting ready for the wedding, and I did not want that same regret! My dogs (and Jared) are my EVERYTHING! 


I know that wedding cake is a must-have for most people, but the truth is…I just am not a huge cake person. I never dreamed of having some big extravagant cake and honestly, not too many people even eat the cake. I took this as an opportunity to get creative, and my Aunt Danni is helping by making all of our desserts. Instead of having just one cake, we are doing a spread of desserts all in the shape of cakes! The spread will include: a rice krispie treat cake, macarons, cookies, donut holes, and our cake will be Frashers mocha cake made as a cake, and cupcakes! Plenty of variety and a little more Newport nostalgia! 


The wedding is not the only thing to be excited about! We have a whole week of events planned and the whole day before the wedding is going to be amazing! We are doing our rehearsal in the morning and instead of having a rehearsal dinner, we opted for a lunch. It will be at Boat House in Tiverton with our family and wedding party. Later that evening we are boarding the Schooner Aurora off of Goat Island for a sunset sail to really kick off the weekend of celebrating! We are so excited to have our out of town guests be able to see Newport from a different view and for all of our friends and family to meet before the wedding. 

So, those are just a few of the details that we are super excited about! Just one week away and we cannot wait!! Sharing this will all of you will be so much fun! Wish us luck (and good weather)!

-The Future Schumers


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