Meet Our Couple of the Year 2020: Brianna and Nick

It’s time to introduce our second Couple of the Year! Last year we followed Jacqueline and Jared as they planned their Blithewold Mansion and Gardens wedding and this year we are so pleased to introduce you our readers to our 2020 Couple of the Year Brianna & Nick!

The Story of Us

Nick and I (Brianna) met the spring of our junior year of high school. We both lived in the same town but went to two different schools. Somehow, we never ran into each other before despite knowing some of the same people — crazy, right?

My brother is the reason Nick and I finally met! The Bruins were in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs when my brother invited friends to come watch the game with us, one of which happened to be Nick. We like to say that the Bruins lost that night, but Nick and I won. Nick and I really did grow up and with each other. We attended prom together, both high school and college graduations, started our careers together, and I am so thrilled for us to take this next step in our lives hand in hand. 

The first summer we dated we visited Nantucket together and ever since we have said that Nantucket is the place we fell in love. After 8 years of dating, Nick planned a trip to Nantucket, with a bit of a white lie, so that he could propose! Nick had his dad pretend to win tickets to Nantucket through a work contest, which was not hard to believe since it’s something that has happened before. He suggested we make a stop at Sankaty Lighthouse on our way to the “work event”. As we arrived, the sun finally started to peak out from the clouds. We were the only people there besides two “tourists” taking selfies on a bench – who I later found out were photographers Nick hired to capture the moment! Nick told me to take 5 steps ahead of him, and when I turned around, he was down on one knee! 

Since I was 16, I knew that there was only one place that I could ever get married: Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI. My mom took me to visit (just a few months before I met Nick) and, standing on the steps outside of the mansion, I looked at her and said: “Mom, I’m getting married here.” Nick and I have visited Newport so many times during special moments in our relationship and it’s held such a special place in our hearts for years. 

Nick knew that I wanted Rosecliff to be our venue (I couldn’t keep that a secret!) so he sneakily made a plan with my mom to secure a September 2020 wedding date BEFORE he even proposed. I am such a planner in all aspects of our lives, so to know that Nick took the initiative to plan something so special for us just makes me love him even more. 


What is your vision for your wedding? 

We want our wedding to be truly “us.” First and foremost, we want our love to shine through for everyone around us to experience with us. While our friends have lovingly referred to it as “the wedding of the century,” we are focused on guest experience and creating a classically romantic Newport wedding experience. 

When guests enter the Rosecliff ballroom we want them to feel like they were transported back in time to the roaring parties that used to take place there.  We love the history of the mansion and want to incorporate our own personalized touches while honoring the beauty of the historical site. It’s all about the details for us!  If I had to describe our vision down in three words, I would describe it as: elegant, romantic, and fun!

Thank you for following along on our journey leading up to our walk down the aisle! My hope is that by sharing our wedding we can provide inspiration, guidance, support, and real tips through our own experience. A great deal of personal history has built up to our wedding and I want to be able to document every minute of planning to showcase the love we share for each other. If I can help just one bride, groom, mother of the bride, or even wedding planner through sharing our story, that will just warm my heart!

–  The Future Cammaranos



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