Wedding Trends You'll See in 2019 on The Newport Bride

Wedding Trends To Spot In 2019

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Yet, so many brides struggle to determine what they want. Forward-thinking weddings are all the rage, but how do you know what to incorporate into your own planning? If you’re a modern bride who wants her ceremony to be on trend, here are a few points to keep your wedding in the now.

Jumpsuits for Bridesmaids

Choosing your bridesmaids may not have been a hard decision, but deciding what they should wear often is. Bridesmaids dresses have long gotten a bad reputation for being off-trend, but that might be because you only considered dresses for your leading ladies.

To show off your chic and modern tastes, and let your girlfriends really flaunt their style with something really unique—jumpsuits. Who said your bridesmaids have to wear dresses? Sometimes pants really are the best way to go. There are plenty of designs made for your special day and will add a unique twist to the ceremony from David’s Bridal, BHLDN, and even Hayley Paige

Wedding Trends to Spot in 2019 on The Newport Bride

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Video Mapping

For any couple that enjoys being in the 21st century, including video mapping into your wedding ceremony is a must. Video mapping is when you use a large wedding projector to display visuals along just about anything you can imagine within your venue. It might sound cheesy, but it’s actually really chic.

With this kind of technology, you can have your first dance under the stars (without worrying about the actual weather), dress up the walls of your wedding hall in florals (without paying a florist), and even save money on your cake with a projected decoration. Video mapping could even give you that fun of a destination wedding without the price tag. There are a million unique ways to use video mapping in your ceremony so just have fun with it.

Unplugged Ceremonies

Cell phones are amazing for posting Instagram pictures, but not so amazing when they interrupt your big day. If you are not a fan of technology or you’re worried not all of your guests will remember to silence their devices, then you should consider an unplugged ceremony.

An extra perk is not having to worry about your professional wedding photos being bogged down with friends or family reaching over the crowd to get a picture on their iPad. Simply invite your guests to leave their devices at home or in a safe space at your ceremony. You only get to experience this day once, so why do it from behind a screen?

Wedding Dresses with Pockets

Ladies everywhere all agree that dresses with pockets are amazing, so why not put them on your wedding dress too? For any chic bride, this is the perfect trend to bring your ceremony into the modern age. Choosing a wedding dress with pockets allows you to make sure you don’t lose anything during the chaos of your wedding day. You can feel confident everything you need (like your favorite lipstick) is on you and won’t get in the way.

Dresses with pockets are also the best solution for any bride that would like to bring a memento when they say “I do”. If you’re planning to bring a family token or some good luck down the aisle, a wedding dress with pockets should be on your list. Let’s be honest, do you need an excuse? We all know dresses with pockets are amazing on their own. Need some inspiration? Azazie features a collection of modern wedding dresses that will make you stand out as a bride.

Wedding Trends You'll See in 2019 on The Newport Bride

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Ditching the Honeymoon

More couples are opting out of honeymoons and instead choosing to have an engagement-moon. Planning a wedding is hard enough work on its own without adding a full-blown vacation into the mix. If you and your partner just want to enjoy being engaged with one another without the wedding stress, then an engagement-moon is a smart option. You and your sweetheart can savor each other’s company before you’re swept away by the chaos of wedding planning.

Getting this vacay out of the way before your big day allows you to focus on planning and organizing the wedding without any added stress. Now, you and your partner can party the night away at your reception without worrying about missing your plane or if you packed your favorite bathing suit.

Wedding Trends You'll See in 2019 on The Newport Bride

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Floral Wedding Gown

Throw out everything you know about old-fashioned florals of the past (unless you’re into that!), and take a walk through your local bridal store. Forget those old images of delicate, laced florals and change it up with a more bold print. More wedding gowns are being made with bright floral prints. If you’re the kind of bride with a bold and vivid personality, then a floral wedding gown is something you should look into. Just make sure it has pockets!

These are all forward-thinking ideas to help you not only make your wedding day trendy but also ensure it’s as unique as you and your partner. Add these to your wedding checklist and start planning for the special day you’ve always dreamed of.

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