Rescue Flats are EXACTLY what your guests need…

Ladies, think back to the last wedding you attended. Think not just about the food or decorations, but specifically the dancing. You’re having fun,  you’re enjoying the music, and your feet are dying. It doesn’t matter how comfortable the shoes were when you started out, by the end of the night your feet are basically jello. Rescue Flats are the genius product that wedding guests have been dreaming of!

Jeni and her business partner/sister-in-law Sarah came up with the idea for Rescue Flats while Sarah was planning her wedding. Sarah wanted to find a better alternative to flip-flops and when she couldn’t find one, she decided to design her dream product. Rescue Flats are foldable ballet flats sold in box sets of 20 pairs for brides and their wedding guests. We believe incredible things happen when women support each other. For the ladies over at Rescue Flats, it starts with helping women get back on their feet with a pair of incredibly comfortable Rescue Flats! The flats are available in a variety of fun colors and each pair comes with a heel bag so guests can rest assured that the shoes they came with will stay beautiful!

To date, Rescue Flats has been a part of over 4000 weddings and special events around the world. This is more than a shoe alternative to dancing, this is about helping your guests experience your reception to the fullest, enjoying every moment!! More than just shoes, Rescue Flats is proud of the role they play in celebrating and empowering women. They are incredibly honored to work alongside amazing and inspiring women every day – from their team, to the outstanding event planners and industry professionals, to beaming brides and their friends and family!

If you think your wedding needs Rescue Flats, and you KNOW it does… use code NEWPORTBRIDE for 15% off!! Help your guests get back on their feet with Rescue Flats!


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