Rescue Flats are EXACTLY what your guests need…

Ladies, think back to the last wedding you attended. Think not just about the food or decorations, but specifically the dancing. You’re having fun,  you’re enjoying the music, and your feet are dying. It doesn’t matter how comfortable the shoes were when you started out, by the end of the night your feet are basically jello. Rescue Flats are the genius product that wedding guests have been dreaming of!

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The Sweetheart Table

Second to the grooms face when he sees the bride coming down the aisle, the best part of a wedding is getting to witness the sweet little moments between the bride and groom. There’s no better spot to spy, then at the sweetheart table. Easily lost in newly married bliss, the bride and groom when left alone at their own little table are guaranteed to share many lingering looks and under the table hand holding. Basically, they revert to middle school and blush and giggle at everything. It’s precious. These sweetheart tables are beautiful reflections of the couples who sat at them. Whether your wedding is simple or over the top, rustic or black tie, a sweetheart table is the perfect way to give you and your spouse a few moments peace.


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