Why you should NOT get ready for your wedding in your hotel room

We’ve all seen the glamorous pictures on Pinterest of the beautiful bride surrounded by her loving bridesmaids while all the gals get their hair and makeup done. What those pictures don’t show you is the insane chaos that comes with so many women trying to get ready in a single bridal suite at the same time!

We talked to Courtney, the Spa Manager for the Newport Marriott’s luxurious spa located on the street level facing Newport harbor. After years of working with Brides and bridal parties of all sizes, she’s seen it all and has some insider knowledge on what works, and what doesn’t. Courtney has three main reasons brides should consider getting ready someplace other than their hotel room and we agree with all three!

1. The Mess. Let’s face it, a group of women getting ready for a big event creates a LOT of mess. We’re talking shoes, purses, getting ready clothes, the dressy clothes, coffee cups, snacks, and bobby pins everywhere. By moving your bridal party and all the getting ready chaos to another location, your bridal suite stays clean, quiet, and free of bridesmaid drama. The Spa has a large room where their hair, makeup, and nail technicians work can magic and best of all, your bridal suite stays mess-free.

2. The Ease. Whether you’ve always dreamed of getting ready surrounded by all your friends and family, or if a quiet morning with just your besties is more your style, The Spa has the space and the staff to handle it. Bridal parties can all get ready at the same time, or spread out their appointments throughout the morning. It’s great knowing that there’s someone else there to take care of your girls and get everything squared away. Bring some snacks and beverages and the room gets transformed into a ladies getting ready party! There are even changing rooms in the back where you girls can get into their dresses so you can go straight to the ceremony if you need to!

3. The Options. When a beauty technician has to travel, they bring with them a road kit with lots of great options, but still, every bag has a max capacity. When you get ready at The Spa, their hair, makeup, and nail technicians have all their tools right at their fingertips. As always, an artist works best when they know the environment!

Whether you are getting ready at The Spa at the Newport Marriott, your local salon, or someplace different altogether, just remember to relax and have fun! Do whatever keeps your day the most stress-free and relaxed. As far as we are concerned, anything that involves a spa and the potential of a wedding day massage sounds like a good plan!


All these lovely photos are from our recent photo shoot with the Newport Marriott and Kim Lyn Photography. Many thanks to the beautiful Brandie for being our model!

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