Trumpet and Horn Empire State Ring as featured on The Newport Bride a New England Wedding Blog

Trumpet & Horn’s Antique Inspired Engagement Rings

We are obsessed with vintage jewelry. The detailed line work, the unique array of colors and shapes; it’s all fun and fabulous. Over the past few years we have started following a few jewelry companies that specialize in vintage rings. One of our absolute favorites, Trumpet and Horn, both creates one-of-a-kind rings and helps heirloom vintage rings find new homes. We talked with their owner Kim and found out more about their AMAZING rings and where they get their inspiration.

How did Trumpet & Horn Get started, and where did the name come from 

My husband, Jerry Heidenreich, is a Graduate Gemologist and has been in the estate jewelry trade for over 25 years.  He is so passionate about his work.  Finding and buying exceptional pieces is second nature to him.  He supplied many jewelry stores with great inventory for years.  Five years ago, he thought it would be nice to start selling some of his finds online.  My line of work had always been in marketing, branding and sales, so we joined forces.  The name Trumpet & Horn instantly came to Jerry’s mind and he just blurted it out.  I LOVED it and we stuck with it.  We thought it sounded fun, friendly and stylish, yet old world and traditional– in other words, “What’s old IS new!” The moment we had our name, we also had our starting point, and from there we took off running.

What made you want to go into the jewelry business?

During elementary school, Jerry’s best friend lived across the street from him. His father was a jeweler from Denmark and Jerry thought he was SO cool. He had a big fisherman’s tackle box full of interesting minerals and gemstones and loved gathering the neighborhood kids around his microscope for a closer look.  He showed everyone what to look for in the stones and they would study them.  Back in the 1970’s, kids still played with and collected marbles, and this was EVEN BETTER.  By the time Jerry was in high school, he was working at a fantastic jewelry store in Minneapolis.  He worked there through college and sent himself to GIA thereafter to become a certified Graduate Gemologist, and the rest is history!

Where do you get inspiration for the designs?

About 90% of the rings you find on Trumpet & Horn’s website are authentically vintage and antique pieces that are anywhere from 30 to 100+ years old, so of course, we didn’t design them.  Jerry takes great pride in sourcing and selecting all styles for our collection though and that’s a lot of fun for him.  Our clients love our pieces and there is truly something for everyone in each price point.  Occasionally, we will sell a vintage ring that is exceptionally popular with our fan base, and we will work with our jeweler to create a custom reproduction, using recycled metal and vintage stones. Many of these pieces have become part of our own Trumpet & Horn collection.  Each one of these rings is made to order here in Los Angeles and no two are exactly alike!  We take pride in giving back to our local community of fellow jewelers.

What is your favorite ring that you’ve ever designed for a client?

That’s a great question!  Designing custom rings, really isn’t something we do on a regular basis BUT we have had clients come to us with images of rings they have been searching for, or a ring that used to be in their family that the would love to have back.  We have recreated some spectacular rings based off the design of the original antique pieces.  We source all vintage stones and make them by hand using the same old tools they used 100 years ago.  Each and every one has been breathtaking.  If I had to choose, I would say the Tiara ring is my favorite piece that we create. I love the everything about it –from the juicy Pear Cut diamond, to the delicate milgraining around the bezel, this ring just exudes superior craftsmanship.  The Tiara ring is a great example of our strengths.  Our creations are so well done and are of such high quality.  The details are perfect, thanks to our amazing jeweler!

Do you have a favorite engagement ring trend?

We love all engagements rings, but right now we are loving the trend of more unusual and unique pieces where anything goes! Colored gemstones are a huge interest with our millennial brides.  They are so beautiful and we are constantly replenishing our inventory with more and more great colored gemstones.

Trumpet and Horn Empire State Ring as featured on The Newport Bride a New England Wedding Blog

Tiara Ring as shot by Calvin Elizabeth.

Trumpet and Horn Empire State Ring as featured on The Newport Bride a New England Wedding Blog

Empire State Ring as shot by Trumpet and Horn.

Trumpet and Horn Empire State Ring as featured on The Newport Bride a New England Wedding Blog

Trumpet and Horn Empire State Ring as featured on The Newport Bride a New England Wedding Blog
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