Wedding Registry Trends and Traditions by Wendy Dessler on The Newport Bride

Wedding Registry Trends and Traditions

Wedding registries were created to make gift-giving easier for guests and more efficient for the newlyweds.  Traditionally, a couple lived in their parent’s homes before marriage and wedding gifts were intended to help the couple with the basic necessities of setting up a house like china, silverware, crystal, house wares, even furniture.  The wedding registry was invented in 1920 by the famous, Macy’s department store.  Macy’s allowed couples to make their selections and pre-register for gifts so that stressed-out guests would be able to contribute without the fear of gifting the same gravy boat as someone else.  This was a novel idea and soon other stores would follow suit.

Fast-forward to 2016.  Today, more couple are marrying after they have already established a home together. This means they have probably already purchased the staple items like furniture, dishes, appliances, and linens. These couples have little use for a traditional registry. This shift in the needs of couples brought about a new type of wedding registry that has changed the way gifting is perceived. There are now have personal funding sites such as Plumfund and Honeyfund that allow couples to finance what is truly important to them.

Personal fundraising registries are set up by the bride and groom. The couple provides all the information about the goal of the registry for guests allowing them to choose their gift amount appropriately.  While the couple may not need a $200.00 china setting, they may be trying to remodel their kitchen or be saving for an amazing (and expensive) honeymoon. Guests can gift any part of the registry; the list is endless!

Other options for registries include:

  • Destination weddings
  • Paying off debt to begin life together with less stress
  • Arranging a 1-year anniversary trip
  • Preparing for the birth of a child
  • Paying for wedding or travel expenses
  • Requesting donations to a favorite charity
  • Asking for donations to help a friend or family member that is going through a difficult time.

There is no right or wrong way to set up a wedding registry.  A wedding registry is simply an easy way for guests to make sure they get a gift the couple will enjoy. With a little thought and by selecting an easy-to-use platform, the bride and groom can help their guests through the gift giving process.  Announcing the personal fundraising platform is tastefully done via social media, included on the invitations, or via email and word-of-mouth.

There has never been a better time to be a newlywed and technology makes it easier than ever before to be a wedding guest!

Wedding Registry Trends and Traditions by Wendy Dessler on The Newport Bride

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