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8 Wedding Cake Trends You Have Hear

Wedding cakes are pretty much the sweetest part of a wedding. Couples all over the country are reimagining the concept of a wedding cake, taking it from simple dessert to a main focal point of their reception. Executing these cake dreams requires skilled bakers and cake designers like Marc Solidary of Confectionery Designs. We interviewed Mark to get his insider take on tips, trends, and key-takeaways. Plus, we really wanted to see some amazing baked goods. <3

Insider Take on 2016 Cake Trends | The Newport Bride

Trend:  The Painted Cake – Painted cakes have been and still are a popular request. Whether the painting be on butter cream, natural icing, or fondant, muted watercolor techniques are a gorgeous way to decorate a cake. The classic white on white will never go away, but couples are taking a modern approach on monochromatic tones by playing up different levels of the same color.

Wedding Cake Trends | The Newport Bride

Trend: Organic Accents – While some couples opt for a structured design, many couples are wanting their traditional cakes to have an organic and rustic feel as executed with florals and arrangement of cake decorations. This new combination of elegant with rustic details creates a cake that is just as much a piece of art, as a dessert.

Wedding Cake Trends

Trend: Blush and Gold – Metallics and blush tones  are huge right now! Almost 70% of all the wedding cakes Confectionery Designs makes have either blush or gold or both. Seeing as rose pink is one of Pantones color of the year for 2016, this cake trend is right on point!

WEdding Cake Trends | The Newport Bride

Takeaway: Add Texture – Adding texture to a design is a great way to give a cake a little design edge up, especially for a traditional white on white cake. By combining different textures, a cake goes from boring to beautiful.

Wedding Cake Trends | The NEwport BRide

Tip: Trust Your Vendors This cake trend is less about the exact design, and more about trusting the people who know cakes best. Couples are putting a lot of time and energy into hiring the vendor that’s the right fit for their unique design style, whether that’s a wedding planner, calligrapher, florist, or baker. By hiring the right vendor, couples can put full trust in that person to create something amazing without having to baby-sit the design process. Marc told us about a time he met with a bride who brought in two rustic crowns as her design inspiration. She handed the pieces over, and said, “Good luck!” By putting her trust in Marc’s ability as an artist, she was unknowingly getting herself an even more beautiful cake than she could have ever imagined. Trust your wedding creatives to do the job you’ve given them. The results will blow you away!

Wedding Cake Trends - Trusting your baker | The Newport Bride

Trend: Unique Flavor Combinations – The inside of a cake can be as crazy as the outside. Carrot and almond cakes are out and fresh local flavors are in. Couples are using flavors like cognac and elderflower, or even a hint of rose. Upgraded family recipes are also making an appearance at weddings with bakeries even incorporating favorites like grandmother’s famous chocolate cake for a special element to a special day.


Trend: Sugar Flowers – Bling cakes covered in crystals are out (thank goodness, how’s a girl supposed to eat a rhinestone…) and sugar flowers are in. Fun to create and beautiful to look at, this trend is a win for both the baker and the bride. Just a few months ago, Marc made a stunning 14-tier cake that was almost 7 feet tall! It took a full four months to create all the floral decorations, but seeing how amazing the finished piece is, we think it was well worth the effort.

Wedding Cake Trends - Sugar Flowers | The Newport Bride

Tip: Reconsider having a naked cake – Thanks to sites like Pinterest, couples are coming to their cake tastings already having had some cake education. Many of them bring a collection of images of wedding cakes that inspire them. This allows Marc to help them identify the key elements that stand out, and create something totally unique. Pinterest has it’s downside though, images of naked cakes have been blasted all over Pinterest and though pretty, it’s a trend that couples might want to reconsider. No matter how great the baker, the cake will end up being dried out and stale by the time it gets to your reception. Frosting and fondant are cake insulators and are necessary to preserve freshness.

Whatever cake you choose, as long as you trust your baker it’ll be great! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to flavors and design. Sky’s the limit, like that 7 foot cake! Short, tall, sweet, or a even a little savory, as long as it reflects the two of you, your cake will be a dessert dream come true.

Wedding Cake Trends | The Newport Bride

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