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The 5 Second Rule for Weddings

If you’ve ever taken a public speaking class, you’ve probably heard about the 5 second rule. When you get up to do your thing, take 5 seconds before you start speaking to settle yourself and create a calm feeling for the audience. This great advice applies not only to public speaking, but also to your wedding. Weddings are hectic and emotionally charged. It’s important to make the most of every second of your special day. The best moments to stop and savor are below. #3 is especially important!

  1. Before you put on your dress – Pretty much as soon as you wake up on your wedding day, your mind starts racing with thoughts of your groom, your ceremony, your family, and all the little details you’ve spent months planning. Enjoy the prep time with your bridesmaids and family. When it’s finally time to put on your dress, let that smile out and think about how amazing the moment is. Think about how the dress feels, how you feel in it, and how amazing it will be for your groom to see you!

Applying the 5-Second Rule to your Wedding | The newport Bride

2. Before you walk down the aisle – Whether you’ve done a first look or opt for the down-the-aisle first look, walking down the aisle is emotional. Before you start walking, take a breath and look at your groom waiting for you. Look around at all your smiling friends and family and appreciate their presence on your big day.

Applying the 5-Second Rule to your Big Day | The Newport Bride

3. Before you say I do – Perhaps the most important time of the whole day, is the moment you say “I do.” Thankfully with videographers and photographers, this moment can be captured on film and preserved. However, there is something that can’t be caught, and that’s the exact way you feel in that moment. Before you say I do, look into your finace’s eyes and take a mental picture, the kind that captures their smile, the smell of their cologne, the way their hands feel holding yours. Soak it all in.

Applying the 5-Second Rule to your Big Day | The Newport Bride

4. Before you cut the cake – Let’s be honest, people go to weddings half for the love and celebration, and half for the desserts. By the time the cake is getting cut, you and your guests are well into the day’s celebration and are feeling just great. Less emotional than previous moments during the day, this time to stop and savor is all about remembering the fun, the festiveness, and the joy.

Applying the 5-Second Rule to Your Wedding | The Newport Bride

5. Before you leave in your getaway car – The final piece of your special day, the grand exit is your last chance to seal in your mind all the emotions of your wedding day. Just remember, don’t be sad that your day is ending be happy that your marriage is beginning!

Applying the 5-Second Rule to your Big Day | The Newport Bride

(Header: Maria Burton Photography as seen in Missy and Grady’s wedding, Dress Pic:Jaclyn L. Photography from our Kate Spade inspired shoot, Aisle Pic: M. Studios from Stephanie and Tim’s Atlantic Beach Club Wedding, I do Pic: Cake Pic: Barbara Clarke Photography from our Westmoor Club Shoot, Getaway Pic: Wedding Nest Tumblr Page, Shot by Tyler Branch Photo)

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