Newport Marriott Instagram Takeover

Ever walk into a place that’s totally new, but you feel instantly at home? That’s what the newly re-imagined Newport Marriott is like. Last month we did an Instagram takeover on the Newport Marriott’s account equaling 24 hours of absolute delight. We documented our finds on Snapchat (@thenewportbride) and of course, Insta. You’re going to love our behind the scenes look.

We pulled up, walked in under one of the coolest light fixtures I’ve ever seen and checked in. I don’t know about you, but I’m always anxious to see what hotel rooms look like. Jump on the bed, open every drawer, you know, normal stuff.

Newport Marriott Instagram Takeover | The Newport Bride

Whenever I travel I like to take a few homey items with me to make make the new space feel familiar. This time I brought my favorite travel cup (it’s easier to drink more water when it’s wrapped in Lilly P.), a copy of Newport Wedding Magazine, and my pillow. My pillow was looking so comfy and with the sound of the gulls coming through the open window, it was naptime. Perfection.

Newport Marriott Instagram Takeover | The Newport Bride

After unpacking, taking a quick snooze and ogling the super cool light fixtures, of which this hotel is full, the hubby was STARVING (does your S.O. get hangry too) so we went down to the SkiffBar to enjoy the view and some treats. We tried the banana pepper calamari and the candied bacon pops. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, the candied bacon pops. Big ol’ hunks of bacon browned in sugar and salt… It’s all my favorite things in one. Anytime the hubby and I can sit by the sea with something fruity in one hand and something bacon in the other, I’m a happy girl.


Best part of the evening? Bubbly and berries were sent up to the room as a surprise! Brides/future brides, let me talk to your husbands/fiances for a sec. Men, do you want your wife/future wife to fall in love with you all over again? Order surprise bubbly and berries and she’ll “ohh” and “ahh” like you’d just given her the moon. Worked on me 🙂


I’m not one of those people who jumps out of bed ready to take on the world. I need coffee, and about 30 minutes to hit the snooze button. Waking up in the super soft bed surrounded by all the pillows a girl could ever ask for, waking up was even harder. We had grand plans of getting up early and exploring the new fitness center but just couldn’t drag ourselves out of bed. We settled for a walk through of the facility. From a racquetball court, cardio and free-weight rooms, to a gorgeous new space used for classes, I almost wished I’d gotten up early to go work out. Almost. Turns out the fitness center classes are even open to the public! I might just have to get myself out of bed one of these mornings and try a class or two!

Suite_Junior_Bed_6615Group Fitness (1)

When we finally made it down to Mainsail for the breakfast buffet, the only thought on my mind was waffles. Piles and piles of dreamy waffles. Sitting by the window, coffee + juice close at hand and all the waffles I could ever eat just steps away, it was breakfast buffet heaven. Between the made-to-order omletts and waffles, the oatmeal, and fresh fruit, I ate my full and a few bites more. YUM!


While heading to the front desk to look into using the Newport Marriott’s new fleet of bicycles, we stopped at the Plank Bar to grab some Starbucks. As full as I was there is always room for coffee. I spent a good 3 minutes being entirely mesmerized by the glittering wall behind the bar. So many pictures were taken. Then back to the front desk to check out a bike. For a donation to the children’s hospital, hotel guests can check out a bike and pedal away. It’s a workout, it helps the children, and it’s fun! With a breakfast buffet, glittering wall, and a sea-side bicycle ride, it was pretty much the best morning ever. And it wasn’t even 10am!



Coming back along the water, we passed the Spa at Newport Marriott and stopped in for a behind the scenes tour. With every kind of spa service imaginable and even a room where bridal parties can all get ready together, the spa has everything a bride could ever need to relax. I LOVE the idea of having a space other than the bridal suite where the gals can hang out and prep. It keeps the bridal suite clean and hairspray/spilled lotion/bobbypin/forgotten-luggage free and lets everyone still be together. Smart thinking Newport Marriott! Brides, trust me, you want to take them up on this offer. There’s even champagne!


Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Checking out is always hard but knowing that the Newport Marriott and it’s great amenities are just around the corner made it easier. I’ll definitely come back and enjoy more candied bacon pops, take a class, and try out the spa. Who knows, maybe there’s even a new styled shoot in the future. 😉 Thanks for a great night away Newport Marriott!

– xoxo, Julianna

(All images either taken by The Newport Bride or Provided by Newport Marriott)

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