All About Photo Booths

Photo booths are all the rage. They act as an activity stop giving guests something to do, and plus, the couple ends up with the best pictures. There’s something about a closed curtain that makes even the tamest of guests go wild. Who knew great aunt so-and-so had it in her!
We sat down with Joseph from Joseph Anthony Weddings and Events to talk about the best parts of having a photo booth capture your big day.

“Photo booths are a great way to capture great moments for the couple to look back on. They are a place where guests are more inclined to take fun and goofy pictures, especially when you include props. When I look at images from the events I’ve provided a photo booth for,  I see that cute picture of the newly engaged couple you invited. I see the group picture where everyone is making a silly face as they point at each other and I see that generational picture where mom and grandma are wearing sunglasses and holding mustaches on their faces. Its these kinds of moments that usually aren’t captured by a photographer but totally deserve to be snapped.
Photo booths break the ice. They encourage fun. They remind us what being a kid was like. They are also a great way for your guests to take home memories of your wedding. I have every photo-strip from every wedding I attended (as a guest) that offered a photo booth. When I look at those, it brings me back to that day and brings a smile to my face. One thing I offer to couples I work with is a customized strip with their wedding date and their names creating a memorable keepsake.
Some photo booth companies (like mine) even have a magnetic photo-strip holder so the guests have something to protect the strip while at the wedding, but they can also put it right on their refrigerator when they get home.”
See these goobers? They’re the guests from my husband and my Pennsylvania Reception (yes, we had two wedding receptions). They loved the photo booth and I promise your guests will too.
Pro Tip: Entertainment Groups often have an package add on where for a discount you can get both musical entertainment and a photobooth. Even if they don’t have a package, it never hurts to ask. Maybe you can be the first!

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