Julianna and Tyler – Engagement Pictures

With everything from sea-side charm to gilded-age architecture, Newport is a perfect place to take your engagement pictures. There are so many choices, when Tyler and Julianna got engaged they couldn’t pick just one spot for pictures! They went to few locations around the city. Starting at Ochre Court they wandered around Bellevue Avenue, went over to Brenton Point, then to Fort Adams for views of the harbor, and finished at Julianna’s grandmother’s house for views from the family property.  The couple choose Newport for their wedding and it seemed only fitting that they had their engagement pictures here too!

You might remember them from their wedding feature a few months ago. Hope their engagement pictures give you some ideas and inspiration for the beauty that surrounds Newport!

10262147_753741558027113_8898357152820862843_n (1)Julianna and Tyler's Engagement SessionJulianna and Tyler's Engagement Session10373502_757628180971784_2175362319553949520_n (5)Julianna and Tyler's Engagement Session10389650_757628254305110_2520759541518192814_n10391007_757628337638435_3219846646487442660_n10418504_757628467638422_4631243544861501118_n10516665_739005846167351_1198488314610118198_n10593117_757628204305115_3989567034434301718_n (1)10653312_739005849500684_3492042433544673042_n10653810_757628424305093_7867003603408690632_n10687138_757628270971775_6727851150151350823_n10701978_757628297638439_3745276483393080795_n10730837_757628374305098_6578401958361341897_n

All pictures by Ioana Bentum Photography

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