13 Classic Cocktails

One of the joys of going to a wedding (apart from witnessing the marriage of course) is the chance of an open bar. If you are so generous, here are a few cocktails to make sure your bartender knows how to make. You can’t go wrong with the classics! If you’re feeling creative, give them cutsey names that tie back to the wedding. If your name is Brittney call your Martini a Brit-tini. If your name is Jen, call it a Jen and tonic.

The Gimlet – From Creative Culinary

The Cosmopolitan – The Framed Table 

Old Fashioned – Gimme some Oven

Gin and Fizz – Inspired taste

Manhattan – Honestly Yum

Dark and Stormy -Movita Beaucoup

Martini –Creative Cullinary

Moscow Mule – Recipie

Sidecar – Recipie

Whisky Sour – Jelly Toast Blog

Classic Mojito – Chef Savvy

Peach Bellini – Laylita

Mint Julep – Camielle Styles


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