Winter Flowers You Never Thought Of

A vast majority of winter weddings will feature white or red flowers accented with evergreens, pinecones, and branches. There’s a good reason for that- it’s a classic combination that fits well with a winter themed event! But if classic isn’t your thing, or you don’t fancy using white or red flowers for your wedding, what other options do you have? Suzanne of Bella Floral Studio has the answer!

Lots, as it turns out! Winter provides a fantastic opportunity to get really creative with texture and composition. Beyond the standard pinecone and berries, there are all sorts of amazing seed pods and branches and barks that can be used to turn the most ordinary arrangements into extraordinary pieces of art. My favorites that add a punch, are poppy pods, craspedia, lotus, scabiosa, brunia, star anise, and broom corn. And honestly, one can never have enough amaranthus in the winter. It’s so dramatic (in a good way!)

Plus, while it’s true there aren’t as many varieties of flowers available in the colder months, the ones that can be found come in an abundance of colors that can be used to complement red or white or to deviate from that color scheme altogether. You’ve got your choice of deep purples, lush oranges, pale blush as well as creamy brown and cheerful yellow. These hues are striking when used monochromatically or combined for gorgeous arrangements bursting with personality.

Think outside the box when choosing the types of flowers you want to use as well. Go beyond hydrangea and roses and consider adding beautiful accents flowers like ranunculus and sweet pea or anemone. Tulips are also fairly easy to come by in the winter- especially later in the season. Group masses of monochromatic tulips together for a clean modern look, or pair them with roses and hydrangea or branches. Another of my favorite winter flowers is the Star of Bethlehem. The name alone seems perfect for the holidays! Their texture is phenomenal and it’s very versatile. It can be used as part of a really formal feeling piece, or help provide depth to a more casual organic looking arrangement.

There are fantastic winter options to fit every style and theme. The trick is deciding which one works best with everything else you’re planning on doing and which one best represents your personality. Your flowers should help tell your story- whether it be classic and serene or bold and playful. There is no wrong answer. And there is no limit to what you can imagine for your winter wedding.


Suzanne Bellanger is the owner of Bella–a floral design studio that provides custom flower arrangements and decor for weddings and special
events throughout New England. Suzanne’s memorable creations and client-first approach has earned her numerous industry awards, including
several Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Awards and two Best of Weddings from The Knot. Learn more about Suzanne and Bella at Bella Floral Design.



Cover image by Alex Paul Photography from Jacqueline and Micahel’s Belle Mer Wedding with flowers by Bella Floral Design

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