How to Submit Your Wedding To The Newport Bride

We get questions all the time from couples, planners, and photographers who want to submit content to The Newport Bride. We want to make the process as easy as possible so we broke it down for you… 

It’s not just weddings…

The Newport Bride collects submissions for real weddings, engagement sessions, couples sessions, and styled shoots captured in Rhode Island. Not in RI? If you are in Massachusetts, send you content to our sister blog, The Boston Bride. Or, send it to us anyway and we’ll take a look! Have something you think looks like us? Send it our way! We are always looking for new and interesting content. 🙂

There are 2 ways to submit content to The Newport Bride…

1. Through our website

On our website, one of the main page options is “Submit Your Wedding“. Once you are on that page, you will find a description of the submission requirements such as number of images, image resolution, and the type of information we need to craft a post. There is a form on that page that helps us collect some basic information about your wedding. Submit that form and we will send you our full submission application ASAP!

2. Though Two Bright Lights

Two Bright Lights (TBL) is a platform for creatives designed to help them simplify their submissions to various publications. If you or your photographer/planner/videographer is a member of Two Bright Lights (the same platform used by The Knot, 100 Layer Cake, How He Asked, and hundreds of other blogs), you can submit an album to The Newport Bride via Two Bright Lights. TBL allows us to efficiently collect all the images, vendor information, and couple/shoot information in one fail swoop. See the images below for a handy step by step guide from TBL about how to submit your content.

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