5 Wedding Registry Trends for the Modern Couple

5 Things Every Modern Couple Should Register For

We’ll admit it, registries can be a big pain. Today, most couples already have the necessities and few want to bother registering for fancy plates or crystal that will only get used a handful of times. Thankfully, there are registries out there that not only make the process less painful, but that allow you to register for things you actually want! When it comes time for you to start creating registries, don’t just think about where but think about what. This is your time to get that great XYZ you’ve always wanted!

1. Wine – Instead of registering for towels or another blender you don’t need, you can register for your favorite bottles of wine and spirits through ThirstyNest! Use your wedding as an opportunity to build your dream home bar. We also love the idea of registering for a few special bottles of red or champagne to save for your future anniversaries together.
2. Your Honeymoon – Ask your guests for donations to your honeymoon fund instead of traditional gifts! Yes, your dream honeymoon IS within reach! We love HoneyFund – You can even register for cash!
3. Charity – Since so many couples nowadays already have the home goods and items on traditional registries, we love the idea of registering for donations to charity instead! We love The Good Beginning – You can choose your favorite charities to donate to, or add your own!
4. Art – The perfect gift for the couple that already has everything. Some galleries will let you register for artwork through them, or you can always register for prints and wall hangings from your favorite home decor sites. Your new art will add personality to your new home together, and will always remind you of your love for art and for each other!
5. A Camera – You’ll love having a nice camera around for your newlywed travels and family entertaining. Websites like MyRegistry and SimpleRegistry let you register for anything from any store, so you can find exactly what you want – The options are truly endless!
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