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Keeping Your Fall Wedding Fresh

We love the bright bold colors of fall. With practically every tree bursting with color, even the foliage is basically already wedding decor. As much as we love red, orange, yellow, and purple, they’re not everyone’s favorite colors. Plus, it’s something we’ve all seen before. Thankfully, fall has more to offer than just bold warm colors. Try these three alternative fall color schemes for a softer approach to cooler weather.

Shades of grey with muted greens – By pulling from softer colors there is more of an emphasis on texture, a component which is totally all. Get creative with your bouquet choices pulling in some unique florals like succulents, leaves from a jade plant, or event some wild grass. Putting your bridesmaids in grey allows your friends beautiful faces to be the star, not a bright dress. This soft color palate screams elegance and sophistication and can easily be taken from casual backyard party to black-tie affair.

Peach and gold or rose gold – Rose gold is everywhere this year and it’s the perfect complement for a fall wedding. Bringing in a bit of the bold fall colors, it is the perfect toned down alternative to a bright red or pink. It’s feminine, looks good on practically every skin tone, and it’s vibrancy makes a space feel instantly brighter.

Dusty blue and ivory – Back to the softer tones, dusty blue is this magical color that is somehow both vintage and modern, laid back and bold. It’s a color found in nature that can be easily brought in to decorations with lush florals. Plus, your bridesmaids might actually want to wear a dusty blue gown again!

Whatever color palate you choose for your fall wedding, we know it will be gorgeous. Need some more fall inspiration? Check out our Fall Weddings Pinterest board.

(Header: Justin Demutis Photography, Peach Bouquet: Royal Sihlis Photography, Peach Cake: The Pastry Studio, Peach Groomsman: Kristen Weaver Photography, Peach Bridesmaids: Donna Morgan Peach Centerpiece: Elyse Hall Photography, Peach Aisle: Next Exit Photography, Peach table setting: Jenna Christine Photography, Grey Bridesmaids: Rachel Red Photography, Grey Bouquet: Irina Kilmova Photography, Grey Cake: Sugar Ruffles, Grey Chair: Taylor Lord Photography, Grey Table: Found on Wedding of my Dreams, Blue Bridesmaids: Julie Cate Photography, Blue Table: Shannon Cunningham Photography, Blue Boutonniere: Sarah Hannam Photography, Blue bouquet: Weddings Unveiled Magazine, Blue centerpiece: Melanie Gabrielle, Blue Invitation: Kurt Boomer, Blue Cake: Lara Lam)

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