Rail Explorers – A Sea Side Summer Bridal Party Activity

Bridal parties are a collection of old and new friends. They are often a mixture of your childhood friends, your desk mate at work, and probably a sibling or two. While it can be a blast to have all your besties in one place at one time, it can be a challenge for everyone to bond before the big day. We are always looking for fun ways to help bridal parties members, family, and friends engage and have fun! At this year’s Newport Bridal Show, we found our newest seaside bonding dream!

Rail Explorers first opened in the summer of 2015 in New York’s Adirondacks.  The Rail Explorers Rhode Island Division opened in April of last year and attracted over 23,000 riders in the first year! Rail Explorers offers an unforgettable scenic ride along historic Aquidneck Island and spectacular Narragansett Bay on custom built pedal-powered vehicles. The eco-friendly business is all about rail bikes and aims to provide an amazing journey using existing railroad tracks. Available from mid-May through October, the tour takes approximately 90 minutes and is a perfect way to get out and have some fun with your friends, family, or bridal party!

Rail Explorers are easy to pedal, the terrain is mostly flat and the ride is relaxing and enjoyable. From couples young and old and groups of friends to families of all ages and abilities, the pedal-powered explorers provide a smooth and comfortable adventure suitable for all. Rail Explorers tours involve history, sightseeing, and recreation. They have vehicles that sit 2 or 4 riders so you can make a whole train of friends and family if you want! Rail Explorers riders in Rhode Island can travel along the “Northern Ramble” or “Southern Circuit” tours from our Portsmouth Grove Station.  Both tour routes offer terrific views of Narragansett Bay along the west side of Aquidneck Island. Check out Rail Explorers and give your bridal party an experience they’ll never forget.
© David and Blonnie | photo + cinema [http://davidandblonnie.com]Rail Explorers team buildingRI_Bridge_sunset
This is not a paid post. There is no partnership between Rail Explorers and The Newport Bride other than our desire to share quality content and experiences with our readers!

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