Boston Bridal Bash 2017

The Boston Bridal Bash 2017

As a rookie wedding coordinator, the Boston Bridal Bash was an experience of firsts. This was my first time being a Newport Bride Correspondent, and the first time I had been to a wedding vendors’ exposition along with the rest of my guest entourage.

Not only was I accompanied by my best friend a recent Bride and current Mrs., but I was also brought along a soon-to- bride and her close friend.

The experience was to say the least, worthwhile, but do not rest assured on my opinion alone as I prove my point to you with a quick Bridal Bash tour and get words straight from horse’s mouth, or in this case, the Bride’s.

Upon entering the Hyatt Grand Ballroom reception our coats were checked our plates were quickly filled up with complimentary hors d’oeuvres. The first room of the exhibit showcased marvelous table settings and décor and the live string music.

The final and main room of the bash had three isles lined with 5-8 vendors on each side. Walking through you may approach a table of interest and receive anything from a business card cookies and pricing catalogues to lip balm and fresh flowers. At 2:00pm Bash guests enjoyed a fashion show sponsored by Andover Country Club, Clever Bride Consignments – Gowns, Christopher Cuozzo – Mensware , and Che Maksou Salon – Hair & Makeup. 3:15pm brought some wilder times with excited Raffle winners and even a Cake Dive Contest. All the events finished up at 4pm as the bash had started at 12pm early that day.

Some of our favorite stops were at Gold Spun Creations Stationary, Motilio’s Baking Company’s delicious cake samples, Stella & Dot’s statement piece jewelry, the Entertainment Speacialists’ all-in- one printing photo booth, and so many more.

While one bride, while exiting, remarked to her party, “Well, we came, we conquered, now let’s go drink.” Our own guest Bride-to- Be, Caelyn Doane, noted how useful the bride bash was to her bridal process. “I was happy to see some of the displays in person rather than relying on my own visualizations that I have found on different sites or Pinterest. It really brings you down to earth on what your budget or even your own DIY skills are actually capable of to make some ideas a reality.”

When you are a Bride at the Bash you will get tons of opportunities to enter contests for free honeymoons, a wedding day worth of hours work by experience wedding coordinators, or even a basket full of luxury bridal items. Though even if you are not the lucky sort you will never leave the bride bash empty handed. All brides upon entering the Hyatt Ballroom registration table receive Jeff and his team’s big congratulations along with a “Bride” button pin, and a goodie bag filled with bride worthy gifts.

Wondering what I qualify as bride worthy? The following list is a peek inside the bride bags, so I could share that exact goodie information with you.

  • Lib Balms: Chemaksou Salon and AJ Petit Events,
  • Moroccan Oils Travel Size Products: Chemaksou Salon
  • Diamond Wine Cork: Hyatt Regency,
  • HINT Blackberry Water,
  • Brochures/Catalogues: Dream Come True Vacations, Kristin Griffin Photography, & Vineyard Vines,
  • Coupons: 20% off Vineyard Vines, Free Acrylic Glass Custom Print from
  • All items presented in an eco-friendly tote bag from Vineyard Vines

Boston Bridal Bash 2017

From the friend of the bride perspective, Dezirae Maffit, shared with how include she felt at all the exhibit stops. “The whole experience really opened my eyes to what kind of things go into wedding planning.”

My wing-girl, Heather Sluss, also commented on how impressive the show was as a first-timer. “I expected vendors to be pushier because they were there to gain clients, but they were professional and kind. As packed as the venue got at its high point of traffic all vendors took time to address everyone with great interest, from the groom and FOB to the flower girl and the bridesmaids.”

Between all four of us our experience left us with some great memories of the most impressive display and free flowers by Frugal Flowers, and songs of the live performance by Sweet Tooth and the Sugarbabies Band stuck in our head thanks to the Entertainment Specialists.

After a coming off my sugar high and some sore dancing feet, me and the girls head back to our homes agreeing that the Boston Bridal Bash, for first timers and veterans, is definitely a trip worthy success.

Amber Ervin is a freelance writer and photographer, completing her BA in English Literature this May. Until then you can find her under a pile of yearbooks in her office at Eastern Nazarene College where she is a full time student, senior resident assistant, and Editor-in-Chief of the Nautilus. Amber can always be bribed with pearls, iced chia lattes, and puppies of any age. 

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