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5 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Day

A girl only gets 1 wedding day and you’ve got to make the most of it! We have some experience in this area, (just a bit ūüėČ so¬†we want to share our experience and what our brides have learned so you can have the best possible wedding day.

  1. Get a Good Night Sleep You won’t wake up in a great mood without a good night sleep. Leave your bachelorette¬†or girls night out for a week before the wedding, not the day before. Go to bed at a normal hour and wake up feeling refreshed.
  2. Get Some Breakfast Get some nutrition in your system and start the day right with some fresh fruit or granola. Give yourself the energy you need for a full day of fun.
  3. The 5 Second Rule –¬†Before you walk down the aisle, take 5 seconds standing at the end of the aisle looking down to your fianc√©. Look at your friends and family around you, look at the love of your life waiting for you and soak it all in. Allow yourself to feel the emotions and dwell in the excitement.
  4. Bring Comfy Shoes – Nothing ruins a day like painful shoes. Bring a pair of back up shoes to your reception for easy dancing and a pain-free getaway.
  5. Utilize¬†Your Bestie –¬†Whether you need help with a bathroom, finding your lipstick, or calming down great-aunt¬†Gertrude, let your bridesmaids show you how much they care and help you when you need it.

Above all, remember what your wedding is all about; marrying the love of your life! Focus on them and everything else will fade in the background.

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