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Breaking through the guest list mess

When I first drew up a guest list my side alone had over 200 people and my then fiance’s about the same. We hadn’t even set a date but we had 400 people on the list. Between immediate family, extended family, friends from college, friends from work, amazing neighbors, family friends, parents friends, and childhood friends; the first draft guest list was a little overwhelming. Actually, make that a LOT overwhelming. Breaking through the chaos of a guest list takes patience, humility, and the 10 year test.

The 10 year test is simple. For every guest, ask yourself where your relationship with that person will be in ten years. Will you still be friends with that person in 10 years? Really? Will you look back at pictures and struggle to remember their name? Will their presence at your wedding make you happy, nervous, or indifferent? Will it impact your relationship with a close friend or family member to have that person there? Will that person matter to your life in 10 years?

Asking these personal questions can be difficult but it’s 100% necessary. Chances are your budget isn’t unlimited. Getting your guest list to the essentials is key to choosing an appropriately sized venue and setting a realistic budget. Plus, with intimate weddings becoming more popular, by cropping the list you’ll be part of a beautiful trend of cozy personalized affairs. There’s something intrinsically beautiful and simple about being surrounded by your very closest friends and family. Don’t believe me? Check out Adrienne and Patrick’s 25 person wedding at The Chanler. Bigger isn’t always better!

Breaking through the guest list mess


( Header: Meagan Emilia Photography from Trevor and Brittany’s Newport Vineyards Wedding | Post Picture: By Dave Gasior Photography from Adrienne and Patrick’s wedding at The Chanler)

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