Whitney and Tyler's Newport Vineyards Wedding

Whitney and Tyler’s Newport Vineyards Wedding

A note from bride Whitney… “I moved to Los Angeles from Boston, MA in July of 2007 and Tyler moved to Los Angeles from Binghamton, NY, July of 2013. In 2014, I had back surgery for a herniated disc and during the two weeks I was out of work, my office relocated to Burbank, CA. I remember seeing that there was a physical therapy office right in the same building that my office was moving to and thinking I could go on my lunch break. I walked into my first appointment sore, chubby from not being able to work out, and not feeling confident overall. Tyler walks over and introduces himself as my Physical Therapist and it was love at first sight. We both had the same feeling but different reactions. I remember thinking, “Damn, he has to see me doing all of my awkward exercises?” and Tyler says he could barely form a sentence because he was so focused on my smile. We found out we were both from the northeast, both went to school in Boston, and both were huge Red Sox fans. We started dating two weeks later and the administrative assistant still makes us know that she was the one who put me on Tyler’s schedule.

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