A Christmas Tree Farm Wedding: Inspired by KJP + Sarah KJP

Over the weekend fashion icons and the founders of the brand KJP, Kiel James Patrick (@KJP) and Sarah Vickers (@SarahKJP) said their “I Do”s at Henry’s Christmas Tree Farm in Hope Rhode Island. Their picture perfect lives were perfectly summed up in their venue choice. Getting married at a Christmas tree farm seems perfect for this iconic American made brand. In everything this sweet couple and their company highlight the importance of family and friends, the beauty of New England, and the importance of supporting local American brands. In an Instagram post yesterday, Kiel said this of their wedding day “We hopped into our Jeep Wagoneer and drove back home to be with family and friends for apple pie, cake, moms gingerbread cookies, Christmas music, champagne and eggnog. It was the most perfect day and we both agreed that all the little things we already had was all we ever needed to live happily ever after.” Does it get any more beautiful and honest than that? In this crazy world we can’t help but love the people who have the opportunity for anything, but choose the simple family-centered life.

While their official wedding pictures haven’t been released, we’ve dreamed up a few ideas of what Sarah and Kiel’s wedding might have looked like. Tell us in the comments what you think. How would you do a wedding a a Christmas tree farm? K

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If we were planning a wedding at a Christmas tree farm (P.S. what a great idea!) we would probably take some pictures like these.

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We would decorate like this.


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The escort cards would be rustic and playful.

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The favors might look something like these.

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The dessert station would have these lovely treats.

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The bouquets and boutonnieres would be inspired by the green of the venue.

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Maybe, just maybe, there would be a sleigh ready to pull the happy couple away to their new life of married bliss.


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