The Wedding ettiquite rules every bride wished you knew

Wedding Etiquette The Bride Wishes You Knew

1. How do I know if I get a plus-one? If you get a plus one, your invitation envelope will say “Mr(s). and guest”. If there’s no guest listed, there’s no plus one.

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The Ultimate Bridesmaid Check List

The Ultimate Bridesmaids Duties Guide

Bring a bridesmaid is the ultimate joy of a best friend. There’s nothing quite like standing alongside your friend as they celebrate the happiest day of their life. Along with all the fun times like the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and of course, dress shopping, there are a few things bridesmaids can do to help ensure that the bride is stress free. Our friends at Personal Creations created an infographic that lays it all out. Bridesmaids, take note!

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Deciphering the Traditions for Anniversary Gift Giving

Modern Wedding Anniversary Symbols Interpreted

You’ve probably heard that once upon a time, each anniversary year was assigned a gift theme. Over the years, those themes have been forgotten and some of them have lost their purpose thanks to technology. Our friends at Loyes Diamonds made this handy infographic that explains what was and how those themes can be reinterpreted for modern life. Thanks for sharing Loyes!

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