Jacqueline and Jared Part 5: Bridal Shows and Taking Planning Breaks

The closer we get to summer the more we are getting excited for our Couple of the Year, Jacqueline and Jared’s wedding!! Jacqueline’s take on the famed Newport Bridal Show and her final 4 months of planning are here!

Wedding planning is exhausting! I am 4 months out, and there is a lot for me to share with you all!

I know it has been a while since you have heard from us but in March I went to the Newport Bridal Show, and immediately after I decided that since a lot of the big tasks were already complete we were going to take a little break from planning for our (my) own sanity. This was a good idea, and at the same time maybe not the best idea since now I have a lot to do (without a wedding planner). Of course, I never stopped thinking about it for even a second! But, it was nice to know that we had a little break and are now less than 4 months away. There is no more time to waste!

The Newport Bridal Show was a lot of fun! I flew up for the weekend, left Jared at home to watch the dogs and made it a great girls weekend; which turned into a pure wedding planning weekend. My maids of honor, my mom, and my sister joined me and we got so much done!unnamed (1)

First, I had my hair trial! I was really excited to do this because I hadn’t received my dress yet, I have not done my makeup trial yet, and I am still undecided whether or not I am going to wear a veil; so doing the hair trial was the first step that I took to be able to visualize and pull together my look. The trial ended up going amazing, but I definitely am going to need extensions for more volume and to make sure my hair will stay nice the whole day with all the dancing we plan on doing (plus, summer humidity is NOT my friend). I will definitely do another trial the week before my wedding to make sure everything is looking perfect, I am not quite sure if this is normal to do, but for me to have peace of mind I know it will be worth it!

The next day we went to the Newport Bridal Show and it was a good time! We mainly went for inspiration since the majority of our vendors were booked already, however, I was still looking for transportation, and (I am still) looking at rental companies for some decorations and furniture for the big day! I loved spending time with the girls, but to be quite honest, I ultimately did not get much out of it besides feeling special for being a bride (plus all of the cocktail and hors devours samples that we took advantage of)! And grooms, if you are reading this, you can stay at home–this is definitely more of a brides event than a couples event.

I think that attending a bridal show would be well worth it if you are in the beginning stages of planning, to try to gather as much info as you can in one spot. I did not have many expectations of what I thought it would be like, but I will say it was much more reassuring than it was stressful, and it was organized. If you already know what you want though, then it really will not do much for you. I was actually very surprised that only about 20% of the companies that I inquired with attempted to follow up with me!

Since I am planning from out of state, there are a lot of vendors that I have not been able to meet in person, so at the expo, I got to meet my floral designer Jerilyn Gagnon, owner of Jasmine & Geraniums, for the first time! She had the cutest booth in the whole expo, if you attended, there is surely no way that you missed it!


The wedding planning weekend was not finished at the show! The next day before heading back to Florida, I met with Jerilyn for breakfast and to go over a lot of details on the florals for the wedding. After that, (yes I did a LOT of wedding planning this weekend) my dad joined me for my tasting with our caterer and went over all of the very very detailed information that they needed from me, and that I needed to know from them. Those are both much longer topics for another day!

So, now that I am diving back into wedding planning and have only 4 months left, there is a lot we have to talk about! Look out for more posts to read more about my meetings, my inspiration, my dress(!!!), our honeymoon, what is stressing us out, and what I am excited for!

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